About Business Setup in UAE

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest developing investment destination with much accredited benefits. Business setup in Dubai mainland requires you to have a valid license issued by the administrative authority. In Dubai, you get benefits of the best economy based on strong administrative foundations. You are given plenty of opportunities. When it comes to starting a business in Dubai, one is required to have a sponsor or a service agent.

It is mandatory by law to have the help from local UAE resident also known as a local sponsor. The Local sponsor can be a UAE based group or company or an individual.  To establish a business that includes professional services, you do not need to have a local sponsor. In such case you only needed to have a service agent. Sometimes, Local sponsors work as silent partners. According to law, the local sponsors hold 51% of business shares and you will hold the rest of the 49% of the shares.

Investment Factors in UAE

Dubai is quickly growing as a leading business destination. There are a numerous projects in key locations for buyers. UAE provides highly developed economy advantages to businesses.  UAE serves as the highest re-exporting center in the Middle East. With international standards, efficient quality service you get the right business framework in the Emirates. You can easily find a property that fits into your individual criteria.

With large developments across the entirety, doing business in the UAE is very captivating because of given factors:

  • A growing market
  • A diversified market
  • A prosperous market
  • An easily accessible market

With Over 15 years of experience in the UAE, we have developed a thorough understanding of the local business environment. We offer our clients a hassle free solution to incorporate Limited Liability Companies, Free Zone Enterprises, branch of foreign companies and off shore Companies. Our strong relationship with a number of prominent UAE Nationals helps us to connect you to an ideal local sponsor who can assist you in furthering your business interests.