Best Tax Consultancy Audit & Accounting Firms in UAE

Worldwide Accounts and Taxes Solution LLC is a well-established Tax Consultancy, Audit & Accountancy firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since its inception in tax and accountancy, we have provided professional services to clients in a wide range of industries. Our long lists of highly satisfied clients vouch for our professional excellence.


Worldwide Accounts and Taxes Solutions LLC in an established firm that provides several services to their clients. Let’s discuss some of them.

Tax Advisory

To fix tax issues of residential and business customer professional advisors advise by using their expertise. Our tax advisors calculate to amount of tax according to the rules and regulations of government. They research the complicated information of charge and file the tax return for their clients. They work for an individual as well as a law or accounting firm. They do their best to minimize the tax before the tax is due. They research and figure out the principle and guidelines, a particular firm or an individual has to follow. They find out the exact amount of tax.

Bank Guarantee

Before I tell you how our bank guarantee service help you, let me describe you first what bank guarantee is? Bank guarantee is a written promise in which bank takes the responsibility to cover the loss if the debtor defaults. By providing bank guarantee the chances of growth and promotion of your company increases. This way any bargain between two or more companies depend on the credibility and trust. There are plenty of bank guarantee services our firm provides such as advance payment, warranty, purchase price and more.

Company Incorporation

Our service helps you create and organize a corporation by working on the “Articles of Incorporation” that includes the major points such as name, location, and purpose of incorporation. Moreover, it also includes fees and information of registration.Company incorporation gives you security and liberty and a company can easily transfer the business without complications.

Organization Consultancy

Only a few organization get the desired result and accomplish their goals. Our service provides the best consultancy service to help you make your organization to act according to your objectives by working on the financial performance in an enhanced way. We help you define your purpose of creating the company to give valuable suggestions and to keep working on the core values.To consult one of our experts contact us.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including



Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee is issued by the bank on behalf of its customer, i.e. your company.

Company Incorporation

UAE Benefits
Mainland Company Incorporation
Limited Liability Company
Professional firms (Civil Companies)

Trade Finance

Trade finance interrelates to the method of financing some activities connected to the international and commerce trade.

Organizational Consultancy

We provide strategic, organizational and operational consulting to help our clients efficiently manage their organizations

Tax Residency Certificates

Tax residency(domicile) certificates are issued by Ministry of Finance, Govt. of UAE